A Chain Link Fence Can Help Protect an Outdoor Play Area

Children are our most precious gift. Keeping them safe and protected is always a priority for schools, daycare centers and other childcare institutions. Every year, school safety, human trafficking statistics and child abduction stories shock the nation, driving vigorous debates throughout our culture. In some of these situations, a high-quality security fence protecting a vulnerable… Read more »

The Maxlink Industrial™ System Provides Secure Fencing for Your Property

At the Slat Depot located in Lindon, Utah, we have been offering industrial fencing for local businesses, contractors and residents for over 20 years now. Our highly trained service professionals can help you with your fencing needs as well. One of the fencing options we offer is the MaxLink Industrial™ system. Why might you need… Read more »

Viper Lock Channel Security Fencing

At the Slat Depot located in Lindon, Utah, we have been supplying high-quality privacy and security chain link fences for local residents, contractors, and businesses since we started in 1992. What this means for you is that you will be working with an experienced team to help you identify your needs and provide you with… Read more »

A Chain Link Fence With Integrated Inserts Can Help Protect Schools and Child Care Centers

In today’s world school security is a serious concern. Many educational facilities and child care centers embrace measures meant to prevent unauthorized individuals from direct access and visual contact with children. While building security is certainly one prevalent area of concern, fencing in playgrounds and outdoor recreation areas can further help protect the children in… Read more »

A Chain Link Fence Integrated With SoliTube Slat™ Provides Maximum Privacy and Security

Taking measure to protect your home or commercial property from unauthorized individuals can go a long way toward preventing serious problems. In the case of a commercial property theft, vandalism or damage caused by unauthorized individuals can have an impact on insurance premiums as well as affect your long-term profit potential. Here at Slat Depot™… Read more »

A Chain Link Fence With Ridged Slats Offers Superior Privacy

Visual privacy can be a serious concern for residential areas as well as commercial properties. A property that is close to a road with significant traffic flow or positioned close to an area of high foot traffic can feel overly exposed and reduce your comfort level when you are outside. Here at Slat Depot, headquartered… Read more »

A MaxLink Plus™ Security Fence Can Help Protect Commercial Property

Here at Slat Depot™ one of our specialties includes providing commercial properties with high-quality chain link fences which incorporate durable inserts into the mesh. Our fences are available in a wide array of heights and colors. Our MaxLink Plus™ style of chain link fence is often a preferred option for construction companies, gravel pits and… Read more »

A Chain Link Fence with Inserts Can Help Protect Pets and People

A quality fence can be very beneficial in residential areas, as well as around schools, dog parks and other locations where pets and people congregate. Preventing unauthorized people accessing these areas is often just as important as keeping a child or a pet from wandering off. Of course visual esthetics are also important. If you… Read more »

Adding Inserts to a Chain Link Fence for Added Privacy

In the past, chain link fences were thought of as being a simple mesh of galvanized wire. They were valued for their versatility and affordability. Yet traditional chain link fences offered little in the way of privacy or security. Here at Slat Depot located in Lindon, Utah, we specialize in incorporating high-quality inserts into the mesh… Read more »

Our Custom Extrusion Process Creates Durable Chain Link Fence Inserts

Chain link fences are known for their versatility, value and durability. Here at Slat Depot headquartered in Lindon, Utah, we specialize in furnishing our chain link fences with a variety of inserts. This can provide your property with important privacy and security.   Our fences are often used by businesses, construction sites and various commercial… Read more »