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In the construction and fencing industry, efficiency and reliability are paramount. At Slat Warehouse, our focus is on enhancing chain link fences with innovative solutions tailored for fence professionals, contractors, suppliers, distributors and commercial builders. Our standout offering, the MaxLink Industrial® system, epitomizes our commitment to high-quality, convenient fencing solutions.

Traditional chain link fences are typically enhanced post-installation—a process that involves manually inserting individual slats into the pre-existing mesh. This method, while effective, can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. It typically involves choices between various hand-inserted slats such as Tube Slats, Ridged Slats and SoliTube Slats.

However, the MaxLink Industrial® system transforms this approach by integrating the slats into the chain link wire during manufacturing. Utilizing the Bergandi high-speed weaving/insertion machine, we are able to efficiently combine the chain link wire with our IND2400 slats in one seamless process. The wire is woven into a 3.5” x 5” mesh and each slat is then mechanically inserted and secured with a stainless-steel staple, ensuring they remain level and secure for years.

The slats used in the MaxLink Industrial® system are crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with a double-wall, flat tubular extrusion, measuring 2.375” wide. They also feature three internal support legs for added strength and structure and are treated with additives that maintain color and functionality despite long-term exposure to UV rays.

Offered in nine standard colors and available in heights ranging from 3’ to 12’, the MaxLink Industrial® system also comes with three options of GBW (Galvanized Before Weaving) wire, all coated with 1.2 oz. of protective zinc per square foot. These specifications not only promise durability and aesthetic variety but also ensure that the fencing meets diverse project requirements.

Additionally, the assurance of a 15-year limited warranty highlights our confidence in the MaxLink Industrial® system as a durable and reliable solution for modern fencing needs. Whether you’re undertaking a small project or managing large-scale commercial construction, our system offers a streamlined, cost-effective approach to chain link fencing that stands the test of time.

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