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Slat Warehouse specializes in offering a wide range of chain link fence enhancement products designed to provide both residential and commercial spaces with improved privacy and aesthetics. Our chain link fence enhancement offerings include hand-inserted and pre-inserted slats, which are available in various styles such as Tube Slats®, Ridge Slats®, MaxLink Plus™, and SoliTube Slats™.

You can view more in-depth details on each slat type that is ready to be placed into existing chain link fencing:

Tube Slat®
Ridged Slat®
SoliTube® Slat

If you are new to installing chain link fencing, our pre-inserted slats are conveniently sold with the slats already installed:

MaxLink Plus
MaxLink Industrial

These popular chain link fencing products are manufactured from high-quality polymer materials, ensuring durability and visual appeal. As springtime approaches, these inserts can transform a simple chain link fence into a more private and aesthetically pleasing boundary protecting and enhancing residential or business property. The seasonal change to spring is the perfect time to consider such enhancements, as outdoor activities become more frequent and the desire for a visually appealing and private outdoor space increases.

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Our Slat Warehouse’s commitment to quality, combined with our fast and friendly service, makes us a go-to source for customers who want the option to enhance their fencing by adding privacy slats that are cost-effective and made from superior quality. For more detailed information, we welcome you to Contact our friendly team with your questions. We look forward to assisting you!