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When adding a fence to a property, whether it is residential or commercial, the goal is usually to outline the parameters of a property and add definition, privacy and quite often curb appeal. With a chain-link fence, you don’t get visual privacy unless you add woven inserts. Our business has been helping property owners accentuate their chain link fencing by providing a spot of color to either stand out or blend in while blocking unwanted attention for the area that is surrounded.

Our woven inserts are strong, durable and weather resistant, which is good for folks living in seasonal climates where they may face a multitude of inclement weather conditions.

The inserts are woven between the links in a range of colors to enhance the fence’s aesthetics and curb appeal. We offer a variety of slats — Tube Slats®, Ridge Slats®, and Solitube Slats®, that can be added to previously installed chain link and secured and aligned with the Viper Channel® protection. MaxLink Plus® and MaxLink Industrial® are available with slats pre-woven into the chain link and ready for installation.

Our representatives are happy to answer your questions about fencing inserts and whether they are right for your needs. Read more about the Viper Channel.