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Our team is proud to be your one-stop resource to secure chain link enhancement products for both residential and commercial use. Our privacy products are multidimensional, as they give your property the premium quality chain link fencing enhancements you want. Whether you are a fence professional, contractor, supplier, distributor or commercial builder, we have the chain link enhancement products you need!

When you source your chain link fencing inserts with us, you can expect the following:

-Highest-quality polymer materials
-State-of-the-art extrusion
-Cost-effective product
-Personal and friendly service

Our Tube Slats™, Ridge Slats™ and Solitube Slats™ enhance your metal fence with color and privacy, and blend in with your PVC-coated or galvanized chainlink fence. In order to make sure the hand-inserted privacy slats in your fence are secured, we offer our Viper Channel™.

This feature acts as a locking device designed specifically for your slats. It slides through the last row of diamonds on your chain link fence, securely clicking the bottom of your fence slat in place. This means that each of our hand-inserted fence slats comes with this unique Viper Channel™ so your slats remain secure and aligned.

If you are looking for pre-inserted slats, our MaxLink Plus™ and MaxLink Industrial™ products come with slats already secured and stapled into place, which you can have customized by your choice of color slats as well as the color of PVC coated wire.

Whether you are working on a residential or commercial property and are looking for slat fence enhancement products to boost your property’s safety and appearance, we have you covered! We welcome you to call us today to learn more about our Viper Channel™ feature. We have provided many satisfied fence professionals, contractors, suppliers, distributors or commercial builders like yourself seeking high-quality chain-link slats at the best pricing. Your property deserves no less.