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One of the things that make us stand out at Slat Depot™ in Lindon, Utah, is our longtime commitment to quality. With decades of experience behind our team members, we are able to provide the fencing materials you need. Our manufacturing process is fully integrated and our chain link enhancement products top quality to create slats that provide privacy for chain link fences.

Thanks to our high-speed Bergandi machine that inserts the slats, we can not only manufacture the product quickly but in multiple colors and sizes to meet your specific fencing demands. This also means we can provide our product at competitive pricing. Our team of professionals may be small, but it gives us the opportunity to work with you closely with hands-on assistance when needed. The result? Durable, attractive results that you can be proud of.

Our chain link enhancement products are created and manufactured under our own proprietary trademarks.

Tube Slats® – economical, visually appealing, available in various colors, secure and long-lasting and able to ward off ultra-violet exposure and intruders while protecting your property.

Ridged Slats® – economical and attractive, strong and stable, and durable against ultra-violet exposure complete with a unique locking system securing each slat into the fencing fabric.

Viper Channel™ – privacy and security offering gray inserts to blend in with the metal fencing/customizable wire mesh. This fencing elevates security with its locking device designed to accommodate your chain link fence and protects against weather. It keeps out human intruders and snakes and small rodents as well, thanks to its unique design.

SoliTube™ – exclusive to Slat Warehouse, this offers you maximum privacy using a 2″ chain link mesh along with the protections and benefits our other enhancements provide.

MaxLink Industrial™ – The chain link wire combined with the Slat Warehouse IND2400 woven with the Bergandi high-speed insertion machine results in secure, durable, fencing level slats for years to come.

MaxLink Plus™ – This version enhances the MaxLink Industrial™ chain link wire for maximum privacy and screening thanks to the Bergandi weaving/insertion machine.

Our experienced team at Slat Depot™ is here to give you the custom, hands-on service you want with a rapid response time you want at competitive pricing. Our slats support the best warranty on the market today and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. We welcome you to call 800-201-5214 to learn more!