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At the Slat Depot located in Lindon, Utah, we have been supplying high-quality privacy and security chain link fences for local residents, contractors, and businesses since we started in 1992. What this means for you is that you will be working with an experienced team to help you identify your needs and provide you with optimal solutions.

We also partner with Northwest Fence & Supply to offer you a variety of fencing options, including chain link and ornamental iron fences. We offer rigid slat, tubular slat or Viper Lock Channel security fencing and have been helping clients all over the United States with our online sales outlet thanks to our partnership with Northwest so we can now offer their innovative Viper Lock Channel. This offers you an added security feature by ensuring that the bottom and seams of chain link fences remain rigid, giving you the security you want in your privacy chain link fence. The Viper Lock Channel comes in three forty-inch sections, which, when locked together, gives you a ten-foot span of secure chain link fence. You can use the Viper Lock Channel with any of our slat or tubular privacy fences.

We use high-density polyethylene, or HDPE, in our rigid slat and tubular slat fences. Height is available in a range of 3-8 feet. You also have a wide variety of choices when it comes to color, and our slats come in color pigments with an ultra-violet (UV) inhibitor, making them resistant to the sun’s fading effects.

Your color choices include the following:

-royal blue
-sky blue

Are you considering a high-quality privacy or security fencing for your residence or business? If you would like to learn more about our slat fencing, and how Viper Lock Channel can improve your fencing requirements, we invite you to call 1-877-FENCE-IT to speak one of our highly-trained service professionals. We are happy to answer your questions!