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For the friendly sales and service staff at Slat Depot™, providing you with a high-quality privacy and security fence is a passion. We work hard to offer you a wide range of solutions so your privacy fence can also provide the security for your business, job site or equipment yard needs.

One very attractive option that many of our clients enjoy is to have a vinyl tube privacy fence installed. The chain link portion of the fence can be custom set to a specific height, the gauge of wire and spacing. At the same time, the chain link fence can also be galvanized or coated with a color that matches your preferred vinyl tubes.

All of our rigid vinyl tubes are made from materials that resist the rigors of sun fading. This not only makes the fence visually appealing, but it also increases the total lifespan of the fence while saving you money in future replacement costs.

Our vinyl tube chain link fences can also be fitted with Viper Lock Channel™. This can secure the bottom of the fence to prevent access by intruders.

If you are in need of a privacy and security fence, you should contact the friendly sales and service staff at Slat Depot™ by calling 1-877-FENCE-IT. We look forward to meeting all of your chain link fencing needs!