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At the Slat Depot located in Lindon, Utah, we have been offering industrial fencing for local businesses, contractors and residents for over 20 years now. Our highly trained service professionals can help you with your fencing needs as well. One of the fencing options we offer is the MaxLink Industrial™ system.

Why might you need fencing? The obvious concern is typically privacy. While you might consider a chain link fence not very private, today’s chain link fences can be made with fitted plastic slats that are placed between the wire mesh fencing. This fencing also offers noise insulation while keeping people out of your business area.

The MaxLink Industrial™ fencing system uses our Slat Depot IND2400 and chain link wire combined in one unique package. One of the features of this system is that you don’t need to invest in labor to put together this fencing separately. Using our high-speed weaving/insertion equipment, the wire is weaved in the mesh and then inserted into each slat and secured for a strong, sturdy, level fence that will protect your property for years.

In addition, the slats we use in this MaxLink Industrial™ system have three internal support legs that reinforce the structure, thanks to the High-Density Polyethylene material used. And while that takes care of function, this fencing also has protective additives that ensure the long-lasting colors of the fencing even while it is exposed to Utah’s seasonal elements, including strong ultraviolet exposure year round.

Speaking of color, our MaxLink Industrial system comes in nine standard colors for you to choose from: sky blue, brown, black, beige, redwood, green white, grey and royal blue, although custom colors are available on request (which are subject to a minimum order quantity requirement).

The MaxLink Industrial system ranges in the usual standard heights to provide security at a variety of levels. We can make our galvanized wires using three options of galvanization before weaving the chain together and finishing with a coating of protective zinc. Our vinyl coated wire can be produced in seven different colors and a variety of sizes.

Are you considering fencing for your property? Our team is ready to help with the personalized, hands-on service you want with the quality product you deserve. So give us a call today at 1-877-FENCE-IT and one of our friendly service professionals will get you started!