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Chain link fences have earned a long-standing reputation for versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Here at Slat Depot™, our patent-pending SoliTube Slat™ fence is the premier option for chain link enhancement.

This style of chain link, slat-enhanced fencing has been specially designed to provide maximum privacy for a 2-inch chain link mesh. Our SoliTube™ Slat is based on double-wall, flat tubular extrusion. The material is created from a High-Density Polyethylene. It’s special properties and additives help to ensure a long lasting color with the durability to last for many years.

The tubes include special privacy fins on each side. The Thermal Plastic Elastomer used in the fins is flexible while also being extremely durable. This helps each SoliTube™ Slat to conform around the knuckles in the chain link mesh. Once it has been installed it can provide 90 to 100% visual privacy for your fenced in area.

Here at Slat Depot™, we are proud to offer chain link fence enhanced by SoliTube™ Slats in a range of seven different colors and heights that range from four to eight feet.

If you are in need of a high-quality privacy and security fence you should call 1-877-FENCE-IT to speak to a Slat Depot™ representative about our patent pending SoliTube™ Slat chain link fence.