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At Slat Depot™ in Utah, we a part of the professional American Fence Association and work hard to make sure that our products and service meet the highest industry standards and follow that up with serving our customers with the best residential and commercial fencing products.

Not only are our products high quality, but they are also affordable. We stock our products in the most and lengths to offer you choices. Many on our team have experience with this industry for more than a decade. To make sure you get the right product that works for your needs, we offer hassle-free turns to ensure your product satisfaction. Not every company can say that they ship 95% of their orders on the same day they were placed.

Our chain link enhancement products are created and manufactured under the umbrella of our own proprietary trademarks. These include:

Tube Slats®
These offer you the fencing privacy you want and that is both economically and visually appealing. This is done by providing multiple colors, stability, longevity and security. These fencing inserts can handle the sun’s ultra-violet exposure while fending off as well as vandalism.

Ridged Slats®
These fencing slats offer fencing privacy both economically and in appealing colors. They are strong, stable, and long-lasting while superbly handling ultra-violet exposure from the sun. We also pride ourselves on the unique locking system that secures every slat into the chain-link fabric for years of service.

Viper Channel™
Our chain link enhancement products give you the look, privacy and security that you desire. They can also add color to gray metal fencing, including the customizable wire mesh. The Viper Channel increases your security thanks to a kind of locking device designed specifically for your chain link fence. It effectively keeps the fencing securely in place while offering protection against severe weather. Due to its construction, it also keeps snakes and small rodents out.

This product is exclusive to Slat Warehouse, offering you maximum privacy with a 2″ chain link mesh and providing much of the same protections and benefits of our other products.

MaxLink Industrial™
This fencing material takes the chain link wire and the Slat Warehouse IND2400 and combines them with the help of the Bergandi high-speed weaving/insertion machine to give your fencing level slats and security for years of service.

MaxLink Plus™
This takes the MaxLink Industrial™ chain link wire and enhances it for enhanced privacy and screening utilizing the high-speed Bergandi weaving/insertion machine.

As a division of Northwest Fence & Supply which have been a leader in the chain link and ornamental iron fence industry for more than 20 years, we have been providing quality fence slats at affordable prices for our customers including offering chain link slats to both residential and commercial customers around the country. We work hard to give you the quality level of service you deserve, whether you are a local or online customer and are proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Give us a call at 1-877-FENCE-IT today!