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Here at Slat Depot™ we understand that no business, job site or facility is exactly the same. Our owner and helpful service staff are passionate about working with you to design the custom privacy or security chain link fence needed to meet your particular needs.

We offer chain link fences in heights varying from as little as three feet tall to as much as eight feet. Both our slat and tube based privacy and security fences are available with slats spaced at three different distances apart. This can be very important if you don’t want prying eyes looking into your job site or facility when you’re working on projects with proprietary information.

Slats and tubes come in a variety of colors that can closely match your business, logo or vehicle colors. Our color range includes White, Gray, Beige, Redwood, Brown, Green, Black, Royal Blue, Sky Blue. This helps to represent your corporate identity, while still maintaining privacy.

We can also install Viper Channel™ for added security around your facility or job site during off hours. The Viper Channel™ locks into the bottom of the fence making it extremely difficult for any would-be intruders to go under your chain link security fence.

If you have a business, job site or facility that needs privacy, security and custom curb appeal, you should call Slat Depot™ at our Lindon, Utah office at 1-877-FENCE-IT for a consultation.