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If you own a business or an equipment lot or if you need to protect a job site, then you’ve probably been considering your fencing needs. Here at Slat Depot, our friendly and highly trained customer service staff has been helping people design the custom chain link privacy or security fence they need to meet their needs.

One of the most effective ways to provide privacy and security for your installation is with a rigid M slat chain link fence. This style of fencing uses rigid slats that are inserted into the mesh of the chain link fencing panel to block visual sight lines and also prevent access by any means other than the intended workers.

The rigid M slats are available in a number of colors that can help match your corporate identity. The fencing is available with variable spacing and heights to correspond with the particular details of the installation. Each slat is made from High Density Polyethylene color pigments and ultra violet inhibitors, which are specifically designed to impede the harmful effects of the sun and lengthen the life of the product.

The chain link fence supporting the rigid M slats is galvanized and available in different gauges of thickness. If you’d prefer, the fence can also be glazed with colored vinyl that will match the color of the fencing slats.

If you have a business, job site or other installation that needs a privacy or security fence, you should call Slat Depot’s home office in Lindon, Utah, at 1-877-FENCE-IT.