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If you are in the market for a chain link fence that is steps ahead of plain chain link fencing, we are pleased to offer you colorful chain link inserts to help your fence stand out. Our fence enhancement inserts offer both visual appeal as well as added privacy.

At Slat Depot™ in Utah, we specialize in affordable chain link privacy fence slats offering a 30-Year Limited Warranty on our affordable residential and commercial fencing products, whether for contractors, individuals or companies. We are a division of Northwest Fence and Supply which has been helping customers for over 20 years in the chain link and ornamental iron fence industry.

Because of our recent expansion, we can now provide our residential and commercial customers with chain link slats nationwide.
Whether you are a local or online client requesting our services, we offer you the service you deserve.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a high level of customer service with quality products that are reasonably priced. Our slat insert inventory is kept stocked in most colors and lengths. We back this with a hassle-free return if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase. This coupled with same day shipping for 95% of our orders keeps our customers coming back for more.

Our chain link insert product line includes:

-Ridged Slats®
-Tube Slats®
-SoliTube Slat™
-Viper Channel™
-The MaxLink Industrial™ system
-The MaxLink Plus™

If you are looking for enhanced chain link products, our experienced team at Slat Depot in Lindon, Utah, is happy to give you the help you need for your business, construction site or commercial property. If you need quality slats that resist sun fading and the damage that often comes with seasonal weather. We look forward to helping you and invite you to call 800-201-5214 to talk to one of our representatives.