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Children need and deserve protection from harm when playing outdoors, whether they are at a school, childcare center, or a private home. A security fence can keep children safe from intruders as well as keep them from wandering away inadvertently. Slat Depot has been helping parents, childcare and educational facilities keep children safe in their care by providing chain link fencing with privacy inserts. These inserts offer both security and privacy for additional protection.

Our high-quality chain link fences come with integrated mesh inserts that boost and enhance privacy levels. Our inserts can be manufactured in various shapes, such as ridged slats, tube slats, M-Slats and our SoliTube Slat™. Because they can be created in the color of your choice, they will also blend in to accent your home, business, or school’s esthetic. Another benefit of our manufacturing process is that we use a custom extrusion process that produces durable, sun-resistant and photo-degradation resistant polyethylene materials woven in the chain-link fencing mesh.

We also offer the Viper Lock Channel™ that locks the bottom of the fence into place. There are nine colors to choose from, and the size of the fencing ranges from 3 to 12 feet tall. You can have the galvanized wire mesh coated in a vinyl material that coordinates or contrasts with your slat color. Slat spacing can be altered from 2 3/8 inches to 2 inches for added privacy.

If you are looking for playground fencing security for a home, school, childcare facility or other kind of youth organizations, our quality fencing materials can give you the visual and physical security you require. You can be assured of a high-quality product that is secure, attractive, cost effective and easy to install. Give us a call at 800-201-5214 to learn more about our fencing options in Lindon, Utah.