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At the Slat Depot in Lindon Utah, our team is here to meet your needs when it comes to chain link fencing around your commercial property with high-quality products you can depend on. We supply chain-link fence enhancement products fabricated in our extrusion facility, made from a high-density polyurethane (HDPE) pellet, using our proprietary trademarks.

Hand Inserted options include our patented Viper Channel™ to secure and align the slats correctly. We offer the following chain-link insert products in both pre-inserted and hand-inserted options:

-Tube Slats®
-Ridged Slats®

Our Pre-Inserted options are woven using our state of the art Bergandi weaving machine:
-MaxLink Industrial™
-MaxLink Plus™

The benefits of using HDPE inserts is that they are specifically designed to resist the fading photodegradation properties of the sun. This is accomplished using a formula that follows strict industry standards and the (TPE) and is available with color pigments and ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors.

These inserts have proven their durability which protects them from environmental pollution and harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Environmental pollutants to consider include sand, acids, petroleum distillates, and industrial liquids including diesel and gasoline that can deteriorate fencing materials steadily over time. Thanks to HDPE, you can count on our inserts to resist cracking, keeping their original stiffness while resisting the effect of time that would result in brittleness. They will also resist distortion from loads or impact.

Our chain link fence inserts meet industry standards to stay firmly in place with our Viper Channel™ on the bottom of our fences. If you are looking for fencing for your commercial property or equipment yard, you can also rely on our products to stand up to mandatory safety regulations and protect you from insurance and liability risks. To learn more, we invite you to call and speak with one of our experienced team members.