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Whether you are an individual, a company or a contractor installing a chain-link fence around the property, or currently have a chain-link fence but want to add an element of privacy, offers the perfect solution for your needs. This is especially important if your goal is to protect children on the property. Children need to be safe when playing outdoors, and that’s true for a private residence as well as a school or childcare center.

Secure fencing with privacy inserts can not only protect children from leaving the property but also protect them from intruders gaining access to them. We are proud to assist child care and educational institutions, as well as parents, in having the added privacy they need with our chain link integrated mesh inserts.

These inserts are available in a variety of shapes and colors:

  • Ridged Slats®
  • Tube Slats®
  • SoliTube Slats™

Pre-inserted slat options include:

  • MaxLink Plus™
  • MaxLink Industrial™

With nine colors to choose from, you can accent your home or property or simply have it blend in. One of the best things about our fence slats is that we use a custom extrusion process in our manufacturing process to create the durable, sun-resistant and photo-degradation resistant polyethylene insert.

You can choose slats ranging from 3-12 feet in length. If you choose the pre-inserted MaxLink Pro option, the galvanized wire mesh can be coated in vinyl that can either match or contrast with the slat, depending on your needs. You can also choose from a variety of slat styles based on the amount of privacy or coverage that you want your fence to have.

We have been helping customers around the country enhance the privacy of their chain link fences and are excited to help you too! Our inserts are top quality and offer you a secure fence with an appealing effect at competitive prices.