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If you are tasked with protecting children who are playing outside for any length of time, for example, in a daycare setting, school, or residential property, a security fence around the area can effectively protect your children. At Slat Depot, our innovative chain link fencing is both a security fence and a privacy fence.

Our high-quality chain link fencing inserts protect children from being visible while keeping unwanted people or animals out and keeping children safely within the boundaries. This is accomplished with our chain link fencing mesh inserts. Available in a variety of styles and nine colors, the inserts can blend in with the surroundings or stand out if you want them to add an aesthetic element.

Whatever options you need, we can provide, and your choices include our Ridged Slat®, Tube Slat®, SoliTube™, MaxLink Plus™​, and MaxLink Industrial™ Slat. We manufacture our slats with a custom extrusion process to give your fence the durability and sun-resistance it needs to protect against fading. The bottom of our fences can be locked into place with our Viper Channel™,bp guaranteeing you a finished look and function for years to come.

Our hands-on approach gives you the personal service you deserve. Our products stand the test of time so you can purchase with confidence knowing you are getting a top-quality product for your investment.

Whether you have a childcare or educational facility or a home needing protection for children, Slat Depot is here to help! We are confident that our chain link fencing with privacy inserts will meet your needs exceptionally. Located in Lindon, Utah, our team can be reached by calling 801-922-4930 today.