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Commercial property is often at risk for vandalism, theft, and other problems caused by unwanted persons. In some instances, insurance agencies will raise premium rates for commercial properties that are not protected by a high quality security fence. Fortunately, the chain link fence specialists at Slat Depot™ in Lindon, Utah can provide you with one of the most effective options for protecting your commercial property. This comes in the form of our MaxLink Industrial™ Security Fence.

This system include a high quality durable chain link fence, with solid, durable tubes inserted into the mesh. This creates both a physical and visual block for potential intruders. The chain link fence component comes with standard electroplated zinc galvanization. However, if you’d like we could also coat the chain link mesh in a special vinyl material that will be designs to closely match the color of the inserts you select.

Our prices are competitive and our products have received high reviews as we continue to help small businesses and commercial properties to maintain the security and integrity of their site. If you need a high quality security fence to protect your job site or equipment yard, you should call 1-877-FENCE-IT to speak to Slat Depot™ representative about our MaxLink Industrial™ Security Fence.