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If you have a job site, equipment yard, warehouse, or other commercial property, you understand just how important security is for protecting goods and equipment, while also protecting your liability. Here at Slat™ Warehouse our team of chain link fencing specialists have decades of experience providing high quality security fences for commercial properties across Arizona, Utah, and the Pacific Northwest.

One of our most effective security fence option for protecting commercial property is our MaxLink Industrial™ fencing system. It combines the chain link wire and the Slat Warehouse IND2400 installed into the weave of the fence by our state-of-the-art Bergandi high-speed weaving and insertion machine

The inserts are available as rigid slats or tubes that are extruded to 2.375-inches wide, and extruded to match the applicable height of the fence. They are made from a special type of High Density Polyethylene that includes additives to help ensure color and functionality while maximizing the fence’s resistance to sun fading and photodegradation.

The inserts are available in a range of colors that can help match your corporate identity or meet any fencing covenants or regulations in your area.

If you have a commercial property that needs protecting, you should call 801-922-4930 to learn more about the MaxLink Industrial™ Chain Link Fence offered by Slat™ Warehouse.