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When it comes to buying a fence to put around your property, there are various reason for doing this, including the marking of your property to show where your boundary starts and ends. This is important if you have neighbors and because land is a finite resource which is getting scarcer by the minute. Whether you are a property owner with a small plot or one owning thousands of acres, having a fence can keep any unwanted encroachment out of your space.

For personal and legal reasons, marking your property with a fence can protect your peace of mind as well as privacy by potentially avoiding expensive lawsuits. Having a fence installed onto your property can also give you an idea of exactly what land space you have available when you are thinking about adding onto your property or making renovations. For example, whether you are adding on playsets, pools, sheds, a mother-in-law cottage, paddock or barn, knowing your boundaries can make the job easier. Your fence will also allow you to see what the area you have to work with when it comes to maintenance so you can be a thoughtful neighbor and know where you need to mow your lawn in the summer, trim your trees or pick up leaves in the fall.

If you are looking to install a fence to mark your property, you will want to know where your property lines are located. You may already have some kind of landmark showing the borders on your land. But getting a survey can help you find your boundary lines. You can usually find a copy at your county deed and assessor’s office if you haven’t already gotten one when you acquired your home. In some areas, you can even view your deed online. If you have access to your property deed you’ll be able to view it under the section titled Legal Description which shows the coordinates.

This simple step will help you avoid encroaching on your neighbor’s land and help prevent any issues with the courts. Depending on where you live, there are laws about how far back your fence needs to be from the property lines, and those can vary. You might also check with your homeowner’s association if you have one.

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