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When you come to Slat Depot in Lindon Utah, for your chain link fencing needs, you can rest assured you are in good hands. We have a reputation for supplying chain-link fences along with enhancement products that we create on-site at our extrusion facility. Our slat inserts are crafted from a high-density polyurethane (HDPE) pellet under our recognized proprietary trademarks.

We produce Tube Slats®, Ridged Slats®, Viper Channel™, SoliTube™, MaxLink Industrial™, and MaxLink Plus™ which are inserted into the chain link fencing utilizing a high-speed weaving/insertion machine.

These HDPE inserts are designed to resist sun fading and photodegradation, thanks to a formula that not only adheres to strict industry standards but is proven to be durable against environmental pollutants in addition to severe weather conditions. Don’t underestimate the ability of sand, acids, petroleum distillates and other kinds of industrial fluids to deteriorate fencing materials that aren’t up to the challenge. Our products meet these standards held securely in place, thanks to a Viper Channel™ at the bottom of the fence.

With the properties of HDPE, our inserts will resist stress and cracking, retain maximum stiffness without becoming brittle over time and hold its shape securely so you don’t have to worry about distortion under loads or impact. The material (TPE) comes with color pigments and ultraviolet (UV) inhibitors that allow them to withstand the sun’s harsh effects and harsh weather.

Whether you need a fence for a commercial property, construction site or equipment yard, our fencing will support the mandatory safety regulations and limit your liability and insurance risk. Your HDPE fence will keep out vandals and unwanted personnel alike. Additionally, the material can stand up to petroleum products like diesel, gasoline or other damaging industrial chemicals.

Are you ready to invest in chain link fencing equipped with inserts for your business, construction site or commercial property? If so, our HDPE slats are up to the task. Call 800-201-5214 to speak with one of our representatives at Slat Depot in Lindon, Utah to learn more.