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At Slat Depot in Lindon Utah, we supply chain link fences with enhancement products created through our extrusion facility. These slat inserts are made from high-density polyurethane pellets that are melted, liquified and made under our own proprietary trademarks. Our Tube Slats®, Ridged Slats®, Viper Channel™, SoliTube™, MaxLink Industrial™ and MaxLink Plus™ are then inserted using a high-speed weaving/insertion machine.

These HDPE inserts are made to resist sun fading as well as photodegradation using a formulation process that meets strict industry standards, ensuring durability that can withstand environmental pollutants and severe weather conditions including sand, acids, petroleum distillates and other kinds of industrial fluids. The inserts also come with a Viper Channel™ that locks the bottom of the fence securely in place.

The Properties of HDPE
-Has a low-melt index to resist stress and cracking
-Has a high density to provide maximum stiffness without turning brittle
-The polyethylene material won’t get soft or become distorted under this temperature when inserted in the chain-link wire
-The polyethylene won’t become distorted under lesser loads or impact

Our HDPE slats have successfully provided long-lasting privacy and security fencing for properties in Utah, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and the surrounding western states.

If you have commercial properties, construction sites or equipment yards, our quality fencing can protect equipment and keep up with on site-safety regulations while lessening your liability and insurance costs. Our fences deter vandals and unwanted personnel from intruding on your property by restricting public access. In addition, our fencing enhancements are designed to maximize security and privacy with a durability that can withstand damage from petroleum products such as diesel and gasoline along with other harsh industrial chemicals.

Our dedicated team at Slat Depot in Lindon, Utah, we can help you with your chain link fencing needs for your business, construction sites and commercial properties. Our slats resist sun fading and damage associated with seasonal weather. If you need quality privacy fencing for your property, please call 1-877-FENCE-IT and speak with one of our representatives.