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Our fencing team is proud to work with commercial contractors as well as homeowners to provide privacy fencing options for a variety of projects. As proud members of the American Fence Association (AFA) and the Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Institute, we are pleased to offer competitive delivery and cost-effective and high-quality privacy enhancements for clients wanting to take the next step in chain link privacy products.

We are fencing professionals who supply customers around North America with durable, attractive and protective slat materials. Our prices are competitive, our service has a fast turnaround, and we strive to build a friendly, professional rapport with our customers.

If you are a contractor looking for a quality slat product for your chain link projects, you will benefit from taking a second look at our products. Not only is our turnaround time efficient and fast, we never compromise the quality of the slats. Our team is small, so we take a hands-on approach to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for. We value all our customers, commercial and residential, giving you the one-on-one service you deserve. We keep you informed about our products so that you can install the inserts quickly and correctly while ensuring the longevity of your slats with a full market warranty. Your experience with us matters, so you never have to worry about us implementing rules of minimums or lead times nor pressure-filled sales approaches.

We simply strive to give you the quality inserts in the style, color and length you need so you can install them with ease, manufactured right here in the USA. If you are a contractor looking for a premium quality product to complete a privacy fence with our inserts, give us a call today! Our friendly representatives will answer all of your questions. We proudly ship anywhere in the US and to our Canadian neighbors.