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Our Slat Depot company based in Utah provides privacy fending inserts for chain link fences throughout the U.S. Unlike many corporate companies, our smaller team offers you the hands-on, personalized service you deserve. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a top-quality product with a fast turn-around time, thanks to our expanded inventory and distribution capacity.

Our commitment to you as your go-to national distributor of chain link enhancement products, we have the capacity to pre-insert slats into the chain-link wiring with the help of the leading-edge high-speed Bergandi machine that weaves and inserts wires in a variety of colors and sizes.

When you work with the Slat Depot team, you will benefit from the more than 50 (combined) years of experience in the fence and chain link enhancement industry. So, if you need privacy fencing and prefer using chain link materials to surround your business area, we have the right materials for you! Our enhancement products can change the way your chain link fence looks while maintaining optimal structure using the Viper Channel™ under our own proprietary trademark.

This feature gives your fence the security and protection you need to enclose your business area and at reasonable pricing. The locking device designed for this chain link fencing attaches to the bottom of the fence slats. This keeps it in place and offers support even under severe weather conditions. It has the added ability to keep out unwanted wildlife such as rodents and snakes from climbing under the fencing and invading your enclosure.

Every one of our fencing slats is enhanced with the Viper Channel™. This feature strengthens the security offered by your fence while giving you the privacy and protection you want. If you are looking for premium quality privacy enhancement for your chain link fence, we welcome you to give us a call and speak to one of our friendly representatives. We look forward to providing you with quality fencing you want at a price you can afford!