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Chain link fences have long been prized for their strength, versatility, and lifespan. Here at Slat Warehouse, we are proud to offer a variety of durable slats, tubes, and inserts to help maximize the security and privacy of a chain link fence.


The use of slats is often a preferred option for businesses, construction sites, and other commercial properties. Our slats are available in a range of colors and designs. This includes rigid slats, tube inserts, MaxLink Plus™, MaxLink Industrial™ and our patent pending SoliTube™ Slats.


We create the various slat designs from a high-density polyethylene to include special properties and additives for long-lasting color, functionality, and durability. This durable material helps to resist sun fading, as well as the effects of seasonal weather.


This is done using a proprietary extrusion process that we have painstakingly developed over the course of the last three decades. Our exacting standards and passion for professionalism help to ensure that the fence features consistent colors and the long life you have come to expect from a high-quality privacy or security fence.


For added security, our, chain link fences can also be incorporated with Viper Channel™. This special system can help lock the lower portions of a fence in place without visually overt measures.


If you need a high-quality security of privacy fence for your job site or commercial property, you should call 801-922-4930 to speak with one of the helpful representatives at Slat Warehouse.