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Why should you choose us as your chainlink fencing inserts supplier? Well for starters, we have a solid history of supplying affordable top-quality privacy for customers with chain link fencing. Whether you are a fencing professional, contractor, supplier, distributor or commercial builder, we have the chain link enhancement products you need!

Our company fabricates our products using only the highest-quality polymer materials in our extrusion facility. We combine competitive pricing with the personal touch of friendly service without wasting your time with costly delays. We are proud that our professional reputation precedes us in the fencing industry.

These products are manufactured under our proprietary trademarks:

-Tube Slats®
-Ridged Slats®
-Viper Channel™
-MaxLink Industrial™
-MaxLink Plus™

Our Commitment to You

We invite you to experience our personalized, hands-on service for yourself. Our goal is to give you the increased privacy with our quality fencing products.

Our Primary Focus

We provide you with the personalized, one-on-one attention you expect, so you get the detailed information and accurate and timely paperwork you need, complete with fast and easy installation so you can purchase our products with confidence.

What we do NOT do is burden you with any of the following:

-High-pressure sales tactics
-Rigid rules of minimums
-Unwanted literature
-Unwanted product samples
-Unrelated products.

Why wait? We ship fencing insert products to customers around the U.S. and Canada and are proud of our production capabilities, communications and product order processing. We hope you will enjoy our “made in the U.S.A.” fence inserts in the style, color, and length you need. We look forward to serving you!