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When it comes to privacy fencing for your commercial property, you are in good hands with our team at Slat Depot. Our team is small with years of experience developing and creating chain link privacy fencing products. What does this mean for you? We are hands on with our customers, so our professionals respond quickly to your business needs with the goal of providing you with the beautiful, durable fencing your business deserves.

Quality is the one thing we will never sacrifice when meeting your needs. Our chain link enhancement products are fabricated using consistent, top-quality polymer materials. Our extrusion facility is state-of-the-art while also making your materials economical and our service is quick, congenial and exemplary.

When your fence is finished, your business property will have the security you need with the privacy you want. Thanks to our hi-tech Bergandi weaving and insertion machine working at high-speed, we make sure your finished product is effective, efficient and appealing.

Your product is designed and created under our proprietary trademarks – including our chain link inserts for the Viper Channel™, MaxLink Industrial™ and MaxLink Plus™. We aim for your satisfaction, and should that be lacking, we offer no-hassle returns.

-SoliTube Slat™: precision-crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with additives that supply consistent color results and of course, durability.

-Ridged SlatsĀ®: available in multiple colors with a single wall locking securely at the bottom. These can be coated with a shaded vinyl material to withstand photodegradation.

-MaxLink Industrial™: woven with the Bergandi high-speed insertion machine for secure, durable, level slats for years to come.

-MaxLink Plus™: enhances the MaxLink Industrial™ chain link wire for maximum privacy and screening.

-Viper Channel™: a locking device at the bottom of the fence slats to keep them in place against severe weather conditions. It also keeps out animals from getting into the property.

If you want more information about our fencing products in Lindon, Utah, please all Tel: 800-201-5214 and speak to one of our Slat Depot representatives!