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The weather is getting warmer and more of us are spending time outdoors. If you own residential property, there are some great reasons to have a chainlink fence with colorful inserts, matching or contrasting your home’s exterior!

-Privacy: Homes are closer together than ever, and a fence can help you enjoy your yard without the scrutiny of neighbors and passersby. It also allows you to entertain family and friends in a more private setting.

-Safety: Your child and four-legged pets can safely enjoy the outdoors without you fearing them leaving the neighborhood.

-Gardening: Do you like adding trees, bushes, flowers, and vegetable gardens around your house? Your privacy chainlink fence can give you a “sightline” to plan out your garden, keep your foliage safe from foraging critters and offer a place for vines and roses to climb.

-Pool Security: If you have a pool in your yard, no matter what the size, keeping neighborhood children or pets from getting in is a good benefit of having an enclosed fence.

We strive to be your one stop source for residential and commercial chain link enhancement products. If you are wanting privacy added to your chain link fencing, check out our chain link fencing enhancement products:

– Ridged Slats® Single Wall
– Tube Slats® Double Wall
– SoliTube Slats®

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