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In the past, chain link fences were thought of as being a simple mesh of galvanized wire. They were valued for their versatility and affordability. Yet traditional chain link fences offered little in the way of privacy or security.

Here at Slat Depot located in Lindon, Utah, we specialize in incorporating high-quality inserts into the mesh of our durable chain link fences. This provides superior privacy and added security as well as aesthetic quality.

We offer an interesting variety of inserts including Ridged Slats, Tube Slats, and M-Slats as we as our patent pending SoliTube™ Slats. All of our inserts are made from very durable High-Density Polyurethane in a custom extrusion process. We specially formulated this material for maximum durability for resisting sun fading and damage from seasonal weather.

If you would like, the chain link fencing mesh can be coated with a vinyl material that can be color matched to any of the eight colors we use for our inserts.

The high durability of the fence allows for minimal annual maintenance. The fence often just needs a quick spray down at the change of seasons.

If you need a high-quality chain link privacy or security fence you should call 1-877-FENCE-IT to consult with a representative at Slat Depot’s headquarters in Lindon, Utah.