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Here at Slat Depot™ we understand that sometimes privacy can make for happy neighbors. This might be especially true if you have a pet with a penchant for leaving the yard or with an uncomfortable disposition with the neighbors. Our rigid slat privacy fences can help protect your pet and ease any potential tensions with the people living next door.

Our rigid slat fences are laced into a high-quality chain link fence, which are available in various gauges and can be galvanized or coated in a colored vinyl material. We have several shades of vinyl available that can also be perfectly matched to the color of the rigid slats you choose.

We offer a wide range of color options to be able to meet the codes and covenants dictated by Homeowners Associations. This allows you to be compliant while also protecting your own right to privacy. All our fences are available in varying sizes and heights to make sure you stay within the regulated safety and sight guidelines.

The rigid slats and optional vinyl coating are all made using color pigments that resist photodegradation and sun fading. This not only maximizes the visual appeal of the rigid slat chain link fence, but it also makes it long-lasting and cost effective.

If you are in need of a privacy fence to protect your pet, you should contact the friendly sales and service staff at Slat Depot™ by calling 1-877-FENCE-IT.