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Here at Slat Depot™ one of our specialties includes providing commercial properties with high-quality chain link fences which incorporate durable inserts into the mesh. Our fences are available in a wide array of heights and colors.

Our MaxLink Plus™ style of chain link fence is often a preferred option for construction companies, gravel pits and other commercial properties that need to limit access from the public.

MaxLink Plus™ incorporates a tightly-spaced wire mesh with durable color slats made from high-density polyethylene. The slats use color pigments and ultraviolet inhibitors to resist photodegradation and other effects related to sun exposure to expand the lifespan and long-term value of the fence.

The slats for MaxLink Plus™ are available in nine different colors. The chain link mesh is also available in different gauges and if you would like we can apply a color matching coat of vinyl, to add to the fence’s visual appeal.

Our chain link fences are easy to maintain and have been designed to endure seasonal weather as well as industrial agents, like salt, sand, alcohol, modest acids, alkaline fluids, ammonia and petroleum products. Typical annual maintenance often calls for washing the fence with water from a pressure sprayer.

If you’re interested in a high-quality security fence to protect your commercial property, you should call the Slat Depot™ home office in Lindon, Utah, at 1-800-265-0034 to speak to a representative about MaxLink Plus™.