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A quality fence can be very beneficial in residential areas, as well as around schools, dog parks and other locations where pets and people congregate. Preventing unauthorized people accessing these areas is often just as important as keeping a child or a pet from wandering off.

Of course visual esthetics are also important. If you or your organization feels this way, you might want to consider adding a chain link fence with durable inserts. A type of fence like this is often prized for its versatility, durability and value.

Here at Slat Depot™ headquartered in Lindon, Utah, we have been supplying high-quality chain link fences with inserts since 1992.

We offer a variety of inserts include ridged slats, tube inserts and our patent pending SoliTube Slat™. They are available in a variety of visually appealing colors. The inserts can be tightly spaced to maximize security and minimize visual access.

Our inserts are carefully created through a custom extruding process from high-density polyurethane. The material is specially formulated to resist photodegradation and color change from prolonged sun fading.

If you need a high-quality chain link privacy or security fence you should call 1-877-FENCE-IT to set up a consultation with one of the experienced representatives at Slat Depot’s headquarters in Lindon, Utah.