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Taking measure to protect your home or commercial property from unauthorized individuals can go a long way toward preventing serious problems. In the case of a commercial property theft, vandalism or damage caused by unauthorized individuals can have an impact on insurance premiums as well as affect your long-term profit potential.

Here at Slat Depot™ we take pride in offering high-quality chain link fences with various inserts integrated into the weave. Our patent-pending SoliTube Slat™ fence represents one of the premier options for chain link enhancement.

The slat-enhanced fencing has been specifically designed to provide maximum privacy and physical security. Our SoliTube™ Slat incorporates a double-wall, flat tubular extrusion designed to integrate tightly into a 2-inch chain link mesh. Each insert is created from a special type of High-Density Polyethylene through a custom extrusion process. It’s special properties and additives ensure a consistent color and long-term durability.

Each SoliTube™ Slat is married to special privacy fins on each side. The Thermal Plastic Elastomer used in the fins provides flexibility while also being highly durable, which helps each SoliTube™ Slat to conform around the knuckles inherent in chain link mesh to provide 90 to 100% visual privacy.

Slat Depot™, offers SoliTube™ Slat enhanced fences in a range of seven different colors. If you would like the chain link mesh can be coated in color-matched vinyl.

If you need a high-quality privacy or security fence for your property, you should call 1-877-FENCE-IT to speak to a Slat Depot™ representative about our innovative SoliTube™ Slat chain link fence.