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Cost effective fencing is called for in many residential and commercial applications. It could be necessary for protecting a job site, equipment yard, or storage facility, as well as providing a boundary for your children, pets, or passersby.

Here at Slat Depot’s™ headquarters in Layton, Utah, we have decades of experience providing people, and businesses with affordable and attractive chain link fences for security and privacy purposes.

We specialize in fitting chain link fences with durable slats, tubes, or our special SoliTube Slat™ to augment security and privacy, while also improving the fence’s overall aesthetic appeal.

All of our fencing inserts are created from high-density polyethylene for maximum durability and resistance to sun fading. They are available in a range of popular colors.

We also take measure to protect the long-term integrity and appeal of the chain link structure of the fence. This could include galvanizing the weave with zinc to prevent rust, or coating it with a special vinyl material that will be color matched to blend with the tubes or slats.

If you need a high-quality chain link privacy or security fence for your commercial or residential property, you should call 1-877-FENCE-IT to set up a consultation with the informative representatives at Slat Depot™.